Architect's Office A1.bk, Split Croatia
a.1.b.k. arhitekt split


A.1.B.K. (architecture #1 Branko Krčum) is an architect’s office based in Split, Croatia. Core business in Architecture #1 is architectural design and design (graphic and product design). With our ideas we want to make space around us more beautiful and our clients’ lives more practical.  We like to face difficult challenges and we have highly professional relationship with our clients – having fully transparent business dialogues with clearly defined demands and services.

The name of the office presents an idea that architecture should be number one. Number one, which means we should bring to consciousness the influence of architecture in our everyday life. Architecture defines our life from our bedroom design, where we sleep, to entire streets and squares, where we meet other people, hang out with our friends, live our lives with our families… Architecture is around us all the time and it can make our life better, but it can also do the opposite…Therefore it is important to put architecture in the first place when we  think of our living or working space – because by thoughtful use of architecture we can make our life more practical, we can be more competitive in business, we can provide ourselves more time to enjoy in real values of life.


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